MultiSegmentPipe class/Colors (2) property

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VI Server Property Information
Property ID 311C4C05
Scope Basic Development Environment
Data Name Colors[2]
Short Name* Colors[2]
Long Name* Colors [2]
* Displayed here in English. Short and Long names appear in the language of the LabVIEW IDE.
Owning Class ID 130
Owning Class Name MultiSegmentPipe Class
Data Type Numeric Cluster Array data type

Numeric Cluster Array

Property Node Colors [2]
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemYes
Available in Run-Time EngineYes
Loads the block diagram into memoryNo
Loads the front panel into memoryNo
Need to authenticate before useNo
Remote access allowedYes
Settable when the VI is runningYes

Gets or sets the color of the Multi-Segment Pipe control.

The Multi-Segment Pipe control is a Boolean control that uses different colors to represent TRUE and FALSE values. Therefore, you can change the color of the pipe network to customize what the pipe network represents. For example, you might use the color blue to represent cold water and the color red to represent hot water flowing through the pipe network.

This property uses an array of two clusters, where each cluster contains a color pair, to represent the TRUE and FALSE values. Each color pair represents the foreground and background color of the control. You can set the color of the Multi-Segment Pipe control by wiring an array of two hexadecimal number pairs with the form RRGGBB or by wiring an array of two color box constant pairs to the property.

You also can set the colors interactively.



Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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