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The mathematics and signal processing VIs in LabVIEW can be divided into these categories:

  • Mathematics: linear algebra, polynomials, curve fitting, interpolation, optimization, etc.
  • Basic Signal Processing: windowing, filtering, transforms, etc.
  • Advanced Signal Processing: time-frequency analysis, time series analysis, wavelet, filter design, and system identification.
  • Measurement Analysis: sound and vibration level measurement, order analysis, frequency measurement.
  • Communication: modulation and demodulation
  • Vision and image processing

The mathematics and basic signal processing VIs are built-in functions of LabVIEW Full/Professional Development System. The other functions are of add-on toolkits or modules.

Built-in Functions

LabVIEW Full/Professional Development System includes more than 500 mathematics and signal processing functions. You can find these functions under the Mathematics palette and Signal Processing palette.

Mathematics Palette and Signal Processing Palette

Toolkits/Modules Introduction

Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit Digital Signal Processing Toolkit ...