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The MediaWiki software used to run LabVIEW Wiki offers the capability to automatically generate sophisticated HTML using templates. The list below shows most of the templates that are recommended for use on LabVIEW Wiki, alongside brief explanations of how and where to use them. You may prefer a straightforward list of 'all pages in the 'Template' namespace'.

See also: category:templates and Help:templates

Article status

Wiki Markup Purpose Template Display
{{ActiveDiscuss}} Indicates that there is probably a heated debate going on in the discussion thread for the article that this notice is placed on. It also indicates that the article contents might not meet the general consensus of the LabVIEW community.

{{inuse}} The Inuse template message is placed at the top of a page you are actively editing for a short period of time. The tag is intended to inform people that someone is currently working on the article, thereby reducing edit conflicts.
{{Underconstruction}} The Underconstruction template message is placed at the top of a page you are editing over a long period of time. If used on a non-article page which is not yet ready for use, type {{underconstruction|notready=true}}.
{{NIGuideline}} Indicates that the article is considered a guideline that has been approved by National Instruments and is widely accepted by the LabVIEW community.
NIlogo.png This page is considered a National Instruments guideline. It is generally accepted among the LabVIEW community and is considered a standard process that all LabVIEW users should follow. However, it is not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on this page's discussion thread.

Articles needing attention

Wiki Markup Purpose Template Display
{{Stub}} Indicates that the article is considered a stub.

{{wikify}} Indicates that the article needs more internal links and wikification.
{{cleanup}} Indicates that the page has been flagged for cleanup.
{{update}} Indicates that the page is out of date and should be updated.

This page is in need of updating. Some information on it may be out of date, and should not be relied on.

General information notices

Wiki Markup Purpose Template Display

|text=Some text can go here which brings attention to a specific article issue.}}

The ambox template is a very powerful template that allows you to create one of many standard pre-formated message boxes. You can change the image and colour. If you can't find an existing message box template, it's better to use the ambox template than create a new one. See Template:Ambox for detailed usage documentation.

Content insertion

Wiki Markup Purpose Template Display

| keyname = copyDeleteFPDCOFromFPTerm
| example = copyDeleteFPDCOFromFPTerm=TRUE
| datatype = b
| description = Delete front panel terminals from diagram
| permitted_values = TRUE or FALSE
| default = FALSE
| LV1 = 3
| LV2 = 4
| LV3 = 5
| LV4 = 6
| LV5 = 7
| LV6 = 8
| OS1 = w
| OS2 = m
| OS3 = l
| OS4 = u
| notes =

This template is used to document the LabVIEW configuration file settings and is used primarily on the LabVIEW configuration file documentation. See Template:Labviewconfigurationkey for detailed usage documentation. Configkeyexample.png
{{see also

|error handling
|state machine

This template allows you to list multiple internal links in one sentence. Can be placed anywhere within an article.
See also: labview, lvoop, error handling, and state machine

See also