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How do I get around the LabVIEW Wiki?

See Help:Navigation for more information.

How do I search the LabVIEW Wiki?

There is a search box at the top of every page that says Search LabVIEW Wiki. Use this box to find articles on LabVIEW Wiki. See Help:Searching for more details.

What is the license agreement on the contents of LabVIEW Wiki?

LabVIEW Wiki articles are all covered by the Creative Commons Attribution License. See LabVIEW Wiki:Copyrights.

How much of LabVIEW Wiki may I quote?

You may quote as much as you wish, as long as you attribute the source. See LabVIEW Wiki:Copyrights.

If I link a word from my site to LabVIEW Wiki, am I required to attribute the source?

Linking is not an act regulated by copyright, so the Creative Commons Attribution License does not apply.

How do I cite a LabVIEW Wiki article in a paper?

Cite it as you would any other web page in accordance with the normal citation practice the publication you are submitting the paper to follows. Citing the individual authors is not necessary, but you should at least include the date on which you retrieved the article (and ideally the full timestamp from the history). Use a Permanent link to acquire a link to the exact article you want to link to.

What should I do if I find a factual error on LabVIEW Wiki?

You should correct it. See LabVIEW Wiki:Contributing FAQ. We are always ready to welcome whomever would like to start editing, into our community.

Because LabVIEW Wiki is an all-volunteer project that anyone can edit, errors or omissions can and do creep in. This should be kept in mind when reading.