GLA Summit 2021/Improving TestStand Developer Experience

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Improving TestStand Developer Experience by Michał Bieńkowski

I would not wish programming in LabVIEW without the Quick Drop on my worst enemy. Since 2009 LabVIEW developer experience (DX) increased rapidly, thanks to the Quick Drop shortcut. Ten years later, we've got a similar tool in TestStand. Did the introduction of this tool have the same effect on working with TestStand as its counterpart in LabVIEW? What techniques can we use to speed up sequence development? In this presentation, I will try to answer these questions and present techniques that will allow you to improve DX in TestStand. It will cover simple techniques like customizing toolbars, creating custom "menu tools" or managing Sequence Editor UI configuration as well as more advanced techniques, like Sequence File View customization or overwriting Sequence Editor user events using TestStand Managers.

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