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Object information
Owning palette(s) Numeric palette
Type Function
Requires Basic Development Environment
Icon Functions - Numeric Palette - Divide.png

The Divide function computes the quotient of the inputs.

If you wire two waveform values or two dynamic data type values to this function, error in and error out terminals appear on the function. The connector pane displays the default data types for this polymorphic function.



If you wire fixed-point values to this function, by default LabVIEW configures the integer word length of the quotient to avoid overflow for nonzero values of y. However, because the precision of the quotient can be infinite, rounding conditions always occur. Use the Numeric Node Properties dialog box to configure how LabVIEW handles rounding of fixed-point data. This function always uses the Saturate overflow mode to handle overflow.


Version Change(s)
LabVIEW 2018 More info to come.

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