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Block Diagram Toolbar

Basic debugging tools come integrated into every block diagram window in the toolbar. See Debugging Tools in LabVIEW .[1]

  • Broken Run Button - appears broken when the VI you are creating or editing contains errors
  • Highlight Execution - displays an animation of the block diagram execution when you run the VI
  • Retain Wire Values - save the wire values at each point in the flow of execution so that when you place a probe on the wire you can immediately retain the most recent value of the data that passed through the wire
  • Step Into - opens a node and pauses
  • Step Over - executes a node and pauses at the next node
  • Step Out - finishes executing the current node and pauses

Tips and tricks

  • Use conditional probes to break code execution when a specified condition is met.
  • To edit a VI that is set to run when opened, open the VI from the block diagram of another VI.
  • Select Edit > Remove Breakpoints from Hierarchy to quickly remove all breakpoints in the hierarchy.
  • A call list will appear in the toolbar on the block diagram of a subVI while it is paused or suspended. This list contains all the callers the VI. Choose an entry to highlight the subVI in the caller.

External links

Basics of Debugging LabVIEW - by Quentin Alldredge, Q Software Innovations, LLC


  1. "Debugging Tools in LabVIEW" by National Instruments ([1]