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DSH Workshops is the name of a collaboration of multiple programmers/entrepreneurs aiming at transferring pragmatic software development principles that are founded in decades of real-life experience to aspiring programmers. DSH stands for Delacor[1], SSDC[2] and Hampel Software Engineering[3], the companies of the founding members.

  • DSH workshops differ from most existing offerings in that they do not aim to cover theoretical basic knowledge or teach the use of any single product. The DSH mentors convey practical hands-on experience.
  • Mentors introduce those best practices in software development that have proven to be necessary, valuable and meaningful to the DSH mentors’ companies in their day-to-day project business.
  • Differences in the implementation of these best practice concepts, both in the DSH mentors’ companies, as well as in the companies of the participants, are identified and discussed, to help focus on what is important.

DSH workshops offer a valuable addition to existing training offerings, such as those from National Instruments - especially for the advanced topics of the NI Center of Excellence program.

As of May 2020, the DSH team includes Fabiola De la Cueva, Steve Watts, Joerg Hampel and Brian Powell (Stravaro, LLC[4]) who joined in 2020.

#VIWeek 2020 Sessions

The following sessions were given at VIWeek 2020.

DSH VIWeek Pragmatic SW Engineering

Presenters: The DSH Gang (Fabiola De la Cueva, Steve Watts, Joerg Hampel, & Brian Powell)

Details about the Pragmatic Software Engineering Workshop can be found on the workshops section of the DSH website.

DSH VIWeek DQMH 5.0 Introduction

Presenters: Fabiola De la Cueva & Joerg Hampel

Link to video on YouTube

DSH VIWeek Soft Skills for Software Engineers

Presenters: The DSH Gang (Fabiola De la Cueva, Steve Watts, Joerg Hampel, & Brian Powell)

Link to video on YouTube