Comparison of data-serialization libraries and functions

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This is a comparison of data-serialization formats included with LabVIEW or provided by third-party libraries.

Library/Function Developer Formats Supported Data Types Included with LabVIEW
JKI EasyXML[1] JKI[2] XML ??? No
JKI JSON Serialization[3] JKI[2] JSON ??? No
AQ Character Lineator[4] AristosQueue[5] JSON, Funky XML[4] ??? No
JSONtext[6] James Powell[7] JSON Anything No
Flatten To String function National Instruments String Anything Yes
Flatten To XML function National Instruments XML Anything Yes
Flatten To JSON function National Instruments JSON Object, Cluster, Array Yes
To Variant function National Instruments Variant Anything Yes

External links


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