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* CLAD is no longer required before taking the CLD Exam

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After you have passed the tests the certifications must be maintained or they will expire. The CLAD will expire after 2 years, the CLD after 3 years, the CLA after 4 years, and the CLED after 5 years. To keep certifications current, the certified individual should advance to take the next higher certification level or recertify at the current level. National Instruments sends a recertification reminder prior to your expiration date. After expiration, you have one year to recertify or certify at the next level up before you have to start over at the bottom and work your way up again.

Recertification by Points

An alternative to retaking the tests is to recertify by points. As long as your certification has not expired you can recertify by being active in the LabVIEW Community. To recertify by points you must earn 50 points in the time frame of your current certification. Certain activities earn you points like:

For a completed list of things you can earn points for and point values those activities are, see the policy here: Search Results Recertification by Points Program