VIWeek 2020/Fast and Simple Unit Testing with Caraya 1.0

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Fast and Simple Unit Testing with Caraya 1.0

  • Francois Normandin
  • Jim Kring

Start Time: May 23, 2020, 7-8am PDT, 9-10am CDT, 3-4pm BST, 4-5pm CEST

Almost everyone writes code to test their code. Caraya, a unit test framework for LabVIEW, makes it simple to turn those test VIs into unit tests that can be reused throughout the life of the project. With a focus on ease of use and lightning fast execution time, Caraya allows you to write and run tests without adding much overhead to your development work. Come see how you can create and run a test in under a minute, run all the tests in your project with a simple QuickDrop shortcut, and integrate your tests into a fully-automated build and deploy process. You’ll also learn about advanced features like running tests on real-time targets, creating custom test report formats, and more!

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