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The following table lists the subtype codes used in the type descriptor of the refnum data type.

Sub-Type Code Refnum Type Description
0x00 Generic the generic type 0x00 is generated only by getting the TD of the "Not a Refnum Constant".
0x01 Datalog File Refnum
0x02 Byte Stream File Refnum
0x03 Device Refnum used in legacy Serial VIs
0x04 Occurence Refnum
0x05 TCP Connection Refnum
0x06 VISA Refnum (Obsolete) obsolete VISA refnum type up to LabVIEW 5.1
0x07 Automation Refnum
0x08 VI Server Refnum
0x09 Menu Refnum
0x0A IVI Refnum (Obsolete) obsolete IVI refnum type up to LabVIEW 5.1
0x0B IMAQ Session
0x0D DataSocket Refnum
0x0E VISA Resource
0x0F IVI Logical Name
0x10 UDP Connection Refnum
0x11 Notifier Refnum
0x12 Queue Refnum
0x13 IrDA Refnum
0x14 Storage Refnum
0x15 FieldPoint IO Point/Motion Resource
0x17 Event Registration Refnum
0x18 .NET Refnum
0x19 User Event Refnum
0x1B Event Callback
0x1F Bluetooth Refnum

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