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The LabVIEW linker (aka linker) is a core piece of LabVIEW code. It is recommended not to use it by NI technicians. The linker connects VIs to other VIs, classes, dll's.


The linker provides this information via a private method called Read Linker Info From File:
Read Linker Info BD.png.


Paths To Read

Instructs the linker which files to check.

  • Array of Paths.


Instructs the linker whether only the Paths To Read or the callees as well.

  • Boolean

Links to Include

Instructs the linker which types of links need to be returned.

  • Enum
    • Include all
    • Run time only
    • Run time only (No typedefs & polys)


The linker returns an array with the linker info on the files that needed were checked:
Linker Info BD.png

Linker:Read Info From File

An array of clusters with the linker info.


Path of the file that is described in this array element, can be symbolic path.

  • (Symbolic)Path


Unknown parameter

  • U32


Unknown parameter

  • U16


Unknown parameter

  • U16


Unknown parameter

  • U16


Unknown parameter

  • U32


Unknown parameter

  • U32


Pointers to files used by this file, the number is the index of the file in the owning array.

  • Array of U32


Info on the actual LabVIEW filetype of the file

Enum value Description
Invalid file Default value, not a file
Unknown type Not a valid LabVIEW file
Instrument VI, VI template
Control Control, control template
Polymorphic VI Polymorphic VI
Project LabVIEW project file (lvproj)
Library LabVIEW libary file (lvlib)
LVClass LabVIEW Class file (lvclass)
XControl LabVIEW XControl file (xctl)
XNode LabVIEW External node (xnode), officially not supported by NI
Shared library File called by a CLN (.dll, .so)
.NET assembly .NET class file
ActiveX interface ActiveX interface
CIN CIN file
Run-time menu Run-time menu of a VI or control
Palette menu MNU file
Help file CHM file
LLB LLB container file
XNode Edit Dependency
Class Private Data Control Implicit control, this control is embedded in the containing lvclass