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Categories group related pages. Each page can belong to zero or more categories. For example, this page belongs to the category "Category:Help". Categories contain an index of pages in its category.

How to add pages to categories?

There are multiple ways to add pages to categories.

Using the Category Assignment box of the page editor

When editing a page, the page editor has a CATEGORY ASSIGNMENT section with a Categories box to assign categories to a page. Start typing a category name to get a list of possible matches. It is also possible to create new categories by writing the category name manually.

As part of the page

Categories can be added directly to the page as part of the text. It is generally recommended to add categories at the end of a page, although technically categories can appear anywhere on the page.


To add a page to a category put the following text at the end of the page:


Where {Name} is the name of the category you want to add it to.


By default, pages will be sorted by their title. This can be problematic for pages inside namespaces. For example, "Help:Category" will be listed under "H" (for "Help") instead of "C" (for "Category"). This can be fixed by adding a sorting name as part of the category tag. Please note that this does not change the page title as it appears in the category. For example, this page appears under "C" (for "Category") but is still labeled "Help:Category".

Important: LabVIEW Wiki recommends the following notation when adding a category tag:


This will automatically resolve the page name. {{PAGENAME}} is a magic word that is replaced by the page title - without namespace - automatically.