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This is the Portal for GOOP and LabVOOP.

GOOP stands for "Graphical Object-Oriented Programming." LabVOOP stands for "LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming."

GOOP is a term used to refer to the various OOP toolkits from V I Engineering, Endevo/NI, SciWare and OpenG. These toolkits were written in G.

LabVOOP refers to the native LabVIEW classes that first appeared in LV8.2.

The toolkits were not obsoleted by the native implementation. All of the toolkits use a reference model for passing objects on the block diagram, similar to File refnums or Queue refnums in LabVIEW. The native classes pass by value, similar to clusters and arrays. The two mechanisms are complementary, not exclusionary, and there may be times when both approaches are used in the same LV program.

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