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XNodes are a technology built into LabVIEW 8.0+ that allows dynamic edit-time macro support. XNodes are Libraries that feature several "Ability" VIs which consist of various events and methods of the XNode.

See also: List of XNode Abilities

XNodes used in LabVIEW 8.2

Class Aggregate Handler? (vi.lib\Utility\AggHandler\Cls_AggHandler.xnode)
Class Grow Array Handler? (vi.lib\Utility\XGrowArr-llb\Cls_GrowArr.xnode)
Regular Expression (vi.lib\regexp\Match Regular Expression.xnode)
Shared Variables (vi.lib\variable\varXNode.llb\vi.lib\variable\varXNode.llb\varXNode.xnode)
Timed Loops (vi.lib\Platform\TimedLoop\XDataNode\XDataNode.xnode)
Database Variant To Data (vi.lib\addons\database\_DB Variant To Data\Database Variant To Data.xnode)

Ability VIs

Main Article: List of XNode Abilities.

XNodes in the Development Environment

XNodes can be added to palettes as if they were plain VIs; however, the icon that is displayed in the palette is that stored in the .xnode file and not the image created by the Image Ability vi. It is possible to set the icon in the .xnode file by manually editing the xml file. One way of doing this is to create a LabVIEW library (.lvlib, not .llb) from within LabVIEW and edit the icon for this library. Then making sure that all references to the Xnode are closed, open both the .lvlib file and .xnode file in a text editor and copy across the <Property Name="NI.Lib.Icon"... line.

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